Increament cell by 1 for each iteration

Hi, I’m writing a range to excel but the data is overwritting on the same cell for each iteration. May I know how to increment cells for each iteration


Use Index of the For Each in properties

Declare a variable for Index, then you can increment

Eg: IndexVariable = IndexVariable + 1

Also you can follow how you can use write range using Datatable here Link


“A” + (count+1).Tostring

Thanks for the reply. I tried but still it’s over writting in the same cell.

May I ask: do you stop > start > stop > start your workflow? Because when you do you set your counter to 0 and start overwriting your cells.

What is the scope of your indexes variable? is it ‘For Each’, if yes then please increase the scope of it and try to execute it.

For just appending the new data have a look on the append range activity: