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I am currently writing data into an excel sheet. The first column enters in fine but when the scecond column starts writing in it overwrites the first column.

Does anyone know how to stop it from overwirting other data?



Can you share the workflow!! It will be easier to find a solution…


The workflow and the excel sheets are below - if you run the workflow you will see how they overwrite each other

Main.xaml (24.3 KB)
Account Template.xlsx (18.3 KB)
Account Check.xlsx (17.7 KB)


Hi @Cormac,

use Write cell activity to write the cell values in the excel sheet.
Mention the Range value correctly.

If you are using Write Range Property(Data Table)…use Append Range Activity to append the data below



Write the Data Row wise and in specific columns or all columns as per your need.

Try to use Append Range Activity as it normally does not over write the data, rather writes it from where the next empty row.



If I were to use Append Range - how can I tell UiPath which column and cell to start writing to? Append range only allows me to select the sheet I am writing to


yes you are right, if you want to update in cell level you need to use write cell activity to update the data @Cormac



Thanks for your response - but I am not following exactly what the solution is here.

WIll write range work without overwriting some data?

If I am to use write cell and append range - how do I get the numbers to increment down the excel sheet instead of displaying in the same cell?


That’s true and I advised it because I assumed , that the data is being written row wise and to each of the columns.


Use while loop - if the same data needs to be entered in the entire column.

Just an Idea !!
If different data needs to be entered in different cells then, probably send HOT Keys like Down and the cursor will go down one cell in the same column and write the data .
keep repeating it until a condition is met.

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