In the new releases, "for-each" activity has been deprived of essential property! We cannot select "data-type" of the collection!

For-each activity in now deciding on the “data type” on its own. In previous versions, we could select the datatype. This is particularly helpful if the input collection is a linq query. In such cases, for-each activity defaults the element to “Object”. This is very inconvenient as the object will need to be converted or casted before use. It defeats the sole purpose of having an “activity” and the convenience of using UiPath vs writing a C# code. see attached screenshot for details.

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Hi @dbiswas

Please update to System 23.10. It’s back.

You are a life saver! Thanks Maciej!
But I am not seeing this package in Studio 23.4.4 LTS. I guess I will have to wait for release 23.10 LTS?

Indeed, for now, you can grab it from the official feed by allowing the Preview ones:
System 23.10.0-preview


The next LTS release is coming soon though, so that should be resolved for the enterprise version as well soon enough.

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Hi Maciej, do we have any estimates when 23.10 LTS is going to get released. Would it happen this month? We were hoping it to get released during the “Forward IV” event.

Hey @dbiswas

It is a matter of days I think :slight_smile: But if you are impatient, then the System 23.10.2 package is already available on the official feed (the release process hasn’t been completed yet for the entire Studio 2023.10 and all the documentation, but the latest Community Studio build already had this stable of System version included).