DataTable->String; value with separator


Hi All,

Using activity Output Data Table im converting from DataTable into String
Then I want to let’s say have the results in Message Box.
The question is how to have a result with separator but not with comma, can be space or dash
Can I customize this somehow
This doesn’t look very nice, and I wish to use is in message body

Thank you!


Once you have this output just use output.Tostring.replace(",","-") this will replace all your , to - or if you want space replace with space.


Hye @niteckam,
Please use Replace function and replace your comma with spaces or dash.
OutputstringOfDatatable.Replace(","," ")
Replace function have two arguments. First one is the character you want to replace and second argument is what character you want with

Hope I have answered your question!


@Divyashreem and @Hashim_Shamsudeen
Thank you!
And one more if I do not want to have this first row (Vendor Name, etc.) or to have this more prettier, maybe all data in matrix so it will be better to understand we have 3 columns and corresponding values…


@niteckam You can uncheck the AddHeader option in read range .



OK, however I’m using those headers to filter data earlier in my process
So I prefer to exclude those headers while executing message box activity




I found the solution