In our Organization not one has the Users tab in Orchestrator 2022.4.0

I need to add one users to the Orchestrator but we do not see users tab or add users option in the Orchestrator 2022.4.0.

How do we add new users ?

Please some one assist us on this request,


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Manage access is where you can add…please check


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Hi @Dilip_Raja_P1

Click on Manage access option → Click on Manage Accounts & Groups option → New window opens → Go to user tab → Invite user by giving their mail Id and give permission.

Check the below image for better understanding,

Note - If you have admin access then only you are able to add the users.

Hope it helps!!

Hi @mkankatala ,

Our admin has left the Organization without giving admin permission to any users, now we have one new RPA developer. We are trying to add him, no one has the users tab.

We all followed the above steps, It show this error for all of them,

In this case, what should we do ? any suggestion


You need the admin access

or else try to raise a ticket with UiPath to fix it


Okay @Dilip_Raja_P1

It’s not possible add users and assign roles with out admin account.

Do one thing contact UiPath support team then they will help you out with your problem.

Contact support team from below link,

Hope it helps!!