In excel how to update the hourly column based on time with the source data?

Hello All,

This is bit tricky,This BOT is going to be run for every one hour i have 2 excel sheet. Every one hour i’m downloading one particular excel sheet fowhich is like shown below. Consider it as Source_data

In the below excel sheet,I’m maintaining in some folder consider it as Output_data, I want to update the details of Counter from above sheet in the hourly column for every hour by Vlookup/Comparing Inline column.


How to automate this?

Hi @Anusuya_R

Considering the Bot is going to run every hour:
you can add a new column on each run.
For eg: you added a column named 03:00


Now loop through all the rows in your dataTable,
Update the values as you receive from source and update it in the column

assign currentRow(columnName)=countFromSource.

This way you can get your desired output in simpler way.


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