How to update to excel column


Im attaching one excel here I need to do is comparison between excel hours and punch hours,
If excel hours is W and punch hours is 00:00 ,It has to update as Weekend.
If excel hours is L and Punch hours is 00:00,It has to update as Leave
If excel hours is having some values and punch hours is 00:00 it has to update as WFH,
else if both contains value it has to find the difference,How to proceed this workflow…Can any one suggest solution. It has to update to Total difference column.
Excel_Time.xlsx (9.8 KB)


Use Read Range activity and declare a datatable variable
Use For Each Row activity and set the Type Argument as String and also declare a variable for Index
Now Inside the For Each Row place an If Condition as
CurrentRow(“Excel Hours”).ToString = “W” and CurrentRow(“Punch Hours”).ToString = “0.00”
In then use Assign activity as
dtVariable.Rows(Index).Item(“Total Difference”) = “W”

Like wise you can define for remaining condition


For WFH Concept how can i proceed that

@Chippy_Kolot You can try below one

IsNumeric(CurrentRow(0).ToString) And CurrentRow(1).ToString.Contains("0:00")

@Chippy_Kolot - Check the attached workflow (10.9 KB)


If im writting that using write cell, how can I provide cell value(Range).Based on rowindex how i can update that.How can i find that

@Chippy_Kolot - Please check the updated workflow (11.0 KB)