Updating Excel Spreadsheet with specific variables

I am working on getting numbers from certain sources and building out a report from the results. I have 4 variables that need to update a specific spreadsheet. The row they update will depend on the hour it is run. ColumnA will have certain hours in the following format: 7:00AM, if the job runs at 7:05AM it should input the variables into the 7:00AM row into Columns B,C,D,E respectively. Was wondering if there is any way to complete this as I am having a tough time. I can build out a database and input into the spreadsheet by specifying the specific cells but need this to be more dynamic.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Thank you!

Ok so i figured part of it out. I create a DataTable with all four variables and then i can use write range to input into the Spreadsheet. I also was able to read range inside the spreadsheet to turn the first column into a datetime datatable and compare the current hour to the hour in the first column whether or not to insert into the spreadsheet.

The only issue now is, how do I write to the cell of that row that has the current hour? I am only stuck on this part now.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


You could get the current time of your system using


From this variable you could create a switch statement or dynamic selector using the current time to enter data into the correct rows and cells in your excel table

So I got the current time part now. I just can’t update the spreadsheet within the same row of that current hour now.

I just started to try datatable.rows.indexof(row) but unfortunately this is not working either. Wondering if there was any example of how that should work or if it could work here?