In activity "List Storage Files", how to use the property "Directory"

In activity “List Storage Files”, how to use the property “Directory”? According to UiPath documentation, I can leave the field directory blank, but it’s mandatory. When I fill in “”, I get an invalid status code: BadRequest. It’s not clear what else to fill in here.


The UiPath documentation on this activity doesn’t give clear guidance. List Storage Files

Who can help out?

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Hi @eefzter,

It basically means which directory(for storage bucket files), you want to start matching to list the files.

As shown in below storage bucket, if you want to list .zip files, and doesn’t specify any directory, search matching will start from root directory i.e. Test AC
If you provide the directory name "0c002c6e-9db3-45c0-bce0-4dc1bb5b1cfc
", search will begin directly from and within that directory.

And in directory field, specify like below, it should work.

Hope it clarifies :slight_smile:



Thanks @sonaliaggarwal47
From now on, I will use “\” in the Directory field

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