Improving REFramweork: Exception handling when starting the applications


While REFramwork has new improvements (UiPath Community & Enterprise 2021.10 Release - REFramework), there are still modifications which I made to the project template, like exception handling.

A typical problem encountered is by having this scenario:

  • you open multiple applications in the InitAllApplications file
  • some of the actions in the file throw an exception
  • this cause to have no items processed by the REFramework, so the Process file will not be called
  • CloseAllApplications is called - but some of the applications are not opened successfully
  • You end up in an invalid state

This problem description I describe in detail along with a way to resolve it:

What other project modifications you are making to improve the REFramework?

Source code available: uipath-tutorials/reframework - improve opening exception handling at main · dtila/uipath-tutorials · GitHub

Please use the #improve-reframework hashtag to centralize all the improvements!