Improvements for Source-Control plugin

Hi Together,

I think the Source-Control-Plugins are in general very helpful. I still have one or two recommendations.

  1. In UiPath one commits per project. So it would be nice to see the commit history for each project and not the whole package.

  2. In our organization we do not have the right to select all repositories. Therefore, I have to choose “only select repositories”. It is quite troublesome that all the time when I add a project, I have to reselect all of the projects one by one. It would be nice if it were somehow easier to manage.

  3. How to manage the access to automation ops? It would be nice to give process leaders access to their processes. So they can present the commits in audits, for example.

Thank you for considering it.


Thank you for your feedback.
Can you elaborate more on number 1 above, please? I don’t fully get it.
Feedback taken on number 2.
For number 3 we are working to make Source Control available to others than just Org Admins.

Hi @alexandru.iordan,

Good news, thank you! Sure I will explain point 1 in more detail. It was a little short :sweat_smile:

In UiPath the commits are separated by project:
I can see the commits for the entry point active directory and all for Orchestrator Test.

In the source-control-plugin, the commits of all entry points are in one list. It would be nice to have a filter or selection by entry point so that I can decide only to see the commits for Orchestrator_Test.

You can do this?
Just right click on the Orchestrator_Test.xaml workflow and select ‘Show History’.

Personally I would love them to add an option to ‘Drop changes and Pull’ since often a Pull isn’t allowed cause of local changes, which ok, so you revert, but then UiPath reloads something, something cause of a studio version change so you must revert again then pull.

If I could simply tell it to drop the changes and revert when I want to pull that would actually help.

@Jon_Smith That I know. But I want to see it in Source-control plugin so that it is available in the automation cloud.

Ohhhhh you are meaning the Source Control feature in the cloud.

The plugin is what is used in Studio, I think thats where the confusion is here.

So to see a commit history but related to a file, not the whole project. Right?

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Yes exactly. Thanks