Make Debug-mode execution faster

Is it possible to speed up the execution in debug mode?

I am working on a project with lots of Excel operations; it constantly reads/writes data from/to Excel sheets/workbooks, and it does lots of DataTable operations to them.
When I want to debug them to see what is going on, I use Debug-mode execution, but it is sooooooo slow, and it takes a lot of time just to get to the point where I place a breakpoint.

I tried to separate the project into many .xaml, and that way I thought I could only β€œrun” its sequence. But since it uses lots of β€œin” arguments, I just cannot test its single .xaml file by itself. I tried to create a temp test file, but since the Excel data contains lots of important and complex information, this is not an ideal and efficient way.

So I have ended up using the debug-mode execution again the whole project to make sure all data have been passed between .xaml files, but it takes 10+ minutes just to test it once!
This is very frustrating.

IS there any way to speed up this debug execution, yet all data get passed between .xaml files as arguments?

can you please share the screen shot while you enter into the debug mode.

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