Improper Functioning of take screenshot

I am working on a citrix application(trade booking).

  1. Click on the first text field to enter text.
  2. Through keyboard enter all the next 4 fields
  3. and then enter to submit the trade.
  4. Take screenshot.

Screenshot is getting captured but it is showing the text fields where i have clicked(step1 above). But, what i need is entire window.


Thanks in advanceImage05-02-2019--16-06-37

Hi Folk,

i think you haven’t indicated proper window for taking screenshot. Make your application active so that window can be captured.

Please try and let me know.

Provide Selectro of Citrix Transparent Window to take Screenshot Activity, or put a “Set Focus” Activity pointing to Citrix Window and then take screenshot

Thank you both. I tried giving selector for screenshot activity and it worked

Can you try screenshot activity without capturing anything. If the window is not mentioned it would normally take the whole screen.

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