'Imports' does not work properly

UIPath Studio 2019 brings a lot of issues.
1 case) One of them that imports namespaces does not work after extracting workflow. I extracted workflow, added namespace ‘System.Globalization’, but CompareOptions or CultureInfo is not visible/accessible. Also this bug reproduced and in another cases.
2 case) Another Bug is in that Method extending String (example: strVariable.ToDoMethod) after extracting to another file does work anymore. The error : ToDoMethod is not member of String.
I checked xaml and checked, and added all references for both described cases.
Reloading Studio does not help.
The 2nd case is exactly caused by that namespace was not imported.

PS.: Please, for 1st case don’t recommend me to write full path for every namespace . It’s the overhead.

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Bug is in UIPath Studio 2019.6.0 Stable

Problem resolved by this way:

  1. copy the sequence to the new file-sequence
  2. copy arguments
  3. make imports
  4. remove excess surrounding sequence
  5. replace source file

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