What is the use of the imports panel in uipath studio

There is a panel ‘imports’ at the bottom of Uipath studio. it simply shows some namespaces and while searching it is highlighted if it is present.

actually what is the use of it ? - am i missing anything here ??

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It permits you to import .Net namespaces within the current worflow file.

Let’s imagine you are planning to use many expressions from a specific namespace (ex: system.text.regularexpressions), once you import it, this part will be implied when using expressions.

This is the equivalent of using in the top of a c# file, import in Vb.net.

Documentation bellow.

Note that to see it take effect, you need to close and reopen the worflow file.



but. it is just a search and find option. how can we import namespace using that window?

The UI looks a lil strange, but when you click one not imported it will be considered as imported.

Once again after close and reopening file.


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