Implicit conversions from system.xml.linq.xnode to system.xml.linq.xelement

In above vbnet script in the line “node=Xelement.readfrom(reader)”
Iam getting the error:option strict on disallows implicit Implicit conversions from system.xml.linq.xnode while I try to read the input from xml

Split continuation from:

Please give it a try on XNode.ReadFrom(reader) instead of XElement… - Line 15?
Also keep in mind:

  • XNode.ReadFrom(XmlReader) Method is returning a XNode not an XElement
  • Dim node as XNode would maybe better fit instead of Dim node as XElement

For conversion give a try on, when it is needed
myXElement = XElement.Parse(myXNodeVar.ToString())
or give a try on using DirectCast Method