Below error in vbnet

Getting error in vbnet script option strict on disallows implicit conversions from system.xml.linq.xnode to system.xml linq.xelement

May we ask you to share your code from the script with us. Thanks

In this line number 15 I am getting the above error

The code itself looks a little bit incomplete and missmatching

  • an XNode has a ReadFrom method, but not a XElement
  • the parts where the index, iLength is calcualted will not be applied afterwards
  • statements like while do also have an end part

Maybe you can help us on getting the undestanding

  • you have a datatable and a XML File

what is to achieve?

I have send you half of the code only can you see the error at line number 15

XElement is a Class and doesn’t have this method. We also mentioned this above. We also feel that other things are unclear, not valid. We can better support you, when you support us. Thanks

How can I convert the reader variable into xelement

what is blocking you to write XNode instead of XElement as ReadFrom is a static method

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