Implement "list records" with custom connector


I created a custom connector with connector builder, however I’ve been having problems retrieving the data, I’m receiving the error below when trying to implement it in studio

List Records: One or more errors occurred. (Error reading JArray from JsonReader. Current JsonReader item is not an array: StartObject. Path '', line 1, position 1.)


  • I receive the response in the connector builder
  • return variables are mapped
  • project is setup as Windows (modern)
  • Using Studio 22.10.7



Response (in connector builder)

Response fields (auto-generated)

TL;DR based on the eror message I’m assuming the activity is trying to parse the response but is failing to do so, is there a way to retrieve the raw response as I don’t mind parsing it, or at least retrieving the authentication token so I can use API calls instead?

Hi, I am facing the same issue. Did anyone get a solution around this ?