IMDB Data Scrapping


I wanted to scrap data from IMDB.

I wanted to review games on basis of their ratings. If rating is >=9.0 then “good”, if rating is <9.0 and >8.7 then “avg” else rating is <8.7 then “bad”

So, I have scrapped first 1000 pages from IMDB and I wanted this data in csv in 3 columns.

  1. NameofGame
  2. Ratings.
  3. FinalReview

I have created workflow but I am getting an error on if condition.(can not find Column 3)


Main.xaml (22.4 KB)

Please help on above workflow.


I checked your workflow and it looks good except one thing. Actually Column Index will start from ‘0’ here. So, use row(2) instead of row(3) for final review column.

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Thank You. It worked.

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Hi Shubhankar,

When you get row items, use Column names(row(“FinalReview”)) instead of index. Because column index may changed in future. In this case it was fine. But when you read others excel, they might be changed the index of the columns. So you get wrong answers.


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Hi Michael,

Yes, this will be a good approach.I will follow this practice.
Thank you for help.


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