RPAChallenge Movie Search: Automating Data Scrap

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I need your help.

I was trying to do the movie search rpa challenge. Initially I was trying to do the sentimental analysis using azure text analysis. But my API key isn’t working fine. They suspended my account. i donno why. So i’m doing that part with HTTP POST request. Thankfully that is working. :smiley:

but i’m bit confused with how review data extraction is happening. Normally extracting a review and saving it into an excel and reading it, is working. but i donno how to automate it. Like after the bot clicks on review button it should automatically scrap the data and that data should feed into http request for the sentimental analysis. It should work in a loop.
Help me please.
Each time I run the project i’m expecting different movie review. but the same old data i scrapped is popping up.

Thanks in advance. :blush:

I hope you are using Data Scraping for getting reviews nd all for all movies that are listed there.
Then use for each row in that use Sentiment analysis

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hey @ImPratham45,

Thanks for your early reply.
Like you said, I’m using data scraping for getting the movie reviews listed.
but my doubt is can we automate it? can bot automatically scrap the different movie review?

In my case, the same old review is again popping up when I tried to print it.

Thank You. :blush:

can you share your workflow or that website

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@ImPratham45 yeah.! for sure.

Please excuse the mistakes i’ve done.
data scraping.zip (17.1 KB)


data scrap.zip (28.7 KB)

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I tried running the workflow you sent. Thank You so much for spending time on this.
It’s working. :smiley:

Mark it as solution to close the topic :slightly_smiling_face:

Happy Automation!


I already did.
Happy coding. :slight_smile:

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Oh thanks :grinning:

Have a gr8 day! :+1:

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