IMAP Get Mail Message - Invalid Credentials (Failure)

Hi All,

I am learning the email automation today (Idea is - Get password and Get IMAP mail message and count of only unread email to show in the message box). I am getting below error message even I am correct on my credential.

I am not sure what could be the reason.

NOTE: In gmail now we dont have the allow less secure app option but in video they advising to disable the above option when configuring the IMAP activity.

Any one give the clear solution for this.

Thank you for your support again.

@Kalaisri_K check on this post*emphasized text*

I couldnot understand what u mean.

Check the above post and it would help you.

We do not have option to disable the “Allow low secure App” in Gmail mam. Please team anyone help me.

I have done the IMAP enable and dont know what is the next choice instead of “allow low secure app” option.

If anyone done the email automation latesly u can advise and solve the issue right.

anyone support on this team.

@Gokul001 or @Yoichi please help on this

HI @Kalaisri_K

Can you check this in the Gmail whether the IMAP is enable or not?


Hi Gokul, I have enabled the IMAP in the Gmail settings. Still getting the same error.


It might be necessary to use “App passwords”. Can you check the following document and try “App passwords”?