Image Trigger

In Citrix environment I need to click an image which gives a menu. I need to click one of the items listed in the menu. But the menu disappearing quickly after image click. How can I select an item from the menu?

If I click the image manually, the menu is staying. I can select an item from the menu manually.

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Hi @A_Learner

If you are working with images, you can manually open the menu, take a screenshot, and then in that screenshot you can get the image of what you want to click using the click image activity, if you are using normal automation you can try to get the selector using the Ui Explorer and navigating the selector tree

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Side comment: Try adding these activities into a retry scope, so if the second click fails/resets the menu it will try again from the start.

Retry attempts: 3
Delay: Timespan.FromSeconds(3)

This issue is resolved by adding delays. Thanks @fernando_zuluaga and @Steven_McKeering

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