Image to pdf converter

I want to convert images in a folder to pdf so i can read the images,

but my for loop for converting the images is sating parameter is invalid

Can you show us what is stored in the imagePath array and an example of an item in the array? Running the loop in debug mode step-by-step and sharing the values in the Locals tab will be helpful. Screenshots are very helpful.

if you want to “read” those images with ocr in uipath, you dont need to convert to pdf… you can load the images using Load Image and pass it directly to the OCR engine…

imagePath= Directoty.GetFiles(“C:\Users\converted”,".png")

so you mean i can have

imagePath= Directoty.GetFiles(“C:\Users\converted”,".png")

for each item in imagePath

loadImage ( FileName => item.Tostring()

which OCR Engine???

@seendi Can you check with hardcoded values and Not Inside a For Each to check if the Activity is working or not

you have to try whatever available in the Uipath Studio and check the output that suits you

yes, the load image will output an variable of type image that you can use as input of an ocr engine activity and that will have an text output, i think any engine will work for this, microsoft, tesseract…