Convert complete image to text file

Hi all, Please help me to convert the complete image to text


Follow these steps:

  1. Use Load Image Activity to Load your image file as an image variable in Uipath
  2. Supply this image variable as an input to an OCR enginer (Google,Google Cloud,MS,Abby etc)
  3. use Write Text File activity to write the output file using the string variable obtained from step 2 as output

i have done these steps but some letter in text file misprint or wrong print


that tends to happen, depending on the OCR Engine you are using. The native (local ones) like Google OCR, Abby OCR and MS OCR give so-so output. if you want to reduce error /get better output you will need to use Google Cloud OCR,Abby Cloud OCR or MS Cloud OCR which are much more powerful however they are paid/trial and you will need to purchase a license later and involve some setup before they can be used in UIpath


Welcome and goodluck!

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