Image comparision

I’m trying to compare images extracted from pdf with a sample image .
images extracted from pdf was done using uipath activity.
eventhough the images are same , the result given is false.
Any leads?

Would you like to provide us the images?
Do they have the same details?

i converted both the image pixel to same.
still the output is false
the first image is output of extract image from pdf .
second image is extracted from pdf using snipping tool and saved locally.
i managed to keep both image’s pixel same.
and the output i get is still false
any other way

may be cause of using snipping tool the image may differ in size and other properties…
check all the properties of both images once

I’m sure when you take the images they have different details for some reason and something get different that we don’t see.

It will be good to provide the images so I can make tests today.

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Hey ,
If the pixels of both the images are same it works fine .
@Pradeep_Shiv yes snipping tool was storing images with different properties.


@Krutika_Kotkar cheers

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