Pdf image detection

i have some pdf files and in each pdf files there are number of small images and the same images with bigger size will be found on a website, i need to compare those small images (which are in pdf) to the bigger ones (which are in website) and if both images are same then i need to need to tick the image in website.
so it’s like i will go through each pdf line by line, compare those images to the web images and i need to check the correct one.

any idea how this can be possible? how we compare two images different in dimensions? also there is not much discussion about this kind of issue in whole forum so…any idea if u guys can give?

There are some tools available to compare 2 images. Can you try using the tools inside UiPath ?

I hope “Google Vision” will help you. Just download the package from UiPath Go!!(https://go.uipath.com) and you can automate with that as per your need.

Hope this helps

Aman Sheik