How to see the images of answers given for practice exercise in uipath studio

Change font.xaml (14.9 KB)
Can anyone help me on this plz.

Hi @kathyayani
Do you mean the screenshots that comes with each activity?

No Reda not screen shots, in Xaml file as i saw image not available msg, how can we see image in that program.
I am struggling with lesson5 practice exercise3 which notepad change font program. I am unable to attach font screen window. In solution i cant see images .

And even selectirs topic also yahoo finance program is toooo confusing. If some one explaine me these 2 programs much appreciated .
Thanks in advance

HI @kathyayani
well I hope that the message you mentioned is this

because these images that should appear here are screenshots taken in real time while you’re automating.

The reason why you don’t have these images is that you only have the xaml file and for each uipath project there is a screenshot folder contains all these images and if you don’t have this folder in the same directory as your xaml file you will have image Not Available
As a solution here is a zip that contains the xaml and the screenshots, this should solve the problem. (45.4 KB)

I also made some modifications on the workflow to ensure it’s working fine
enjoy :wink:

Thankyou Reda, I got it now.