Image Not available in Attach Window\Click Events\Type into

hi Team,

I have done small automation in Uipath where, I will be attaching the window to a browser and click on the Username field it looks correct with the image on the system that I have developed but when moved to other system shows error as “IMAGE NOT FOUND”.
I have attached the image.

Any suggestion will be helpful, thanks in advance

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@harsha8687 That error may be due to selector problem or due to missing of screenshot in current system. Get that screenshot from old system otherwise use indicate on screen option in this activity. Check all these 3 options once.

@Manjuts90 Tried all the option but it has shown the same to indicate it once again but doing the same for all the events is time consuming.

Hi @harsha8687

Screenshots are stored on a folder within your project’s folder. The folder is called


and should be copied together with the xaml file for them to be available. You can copy it and re-open your project to see them back :slight_smile:


ok thanks this has worked out for me.

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