Image Exists performance


I’m using Image Exists and how can I improve its performance to recognize the image I selected faster, it has taken 20s on average.


Maybe you can try specifying Timeout and check

Hope this may help you


Hi @Rodrigo_Buch

Use Text Exist activity Instead of Image exist, If text is always the same in the marked area


we have two options

first one is changing the entire timeout and make it faster in the config of the project

go to automation classic and change the run value for a less value,

also change the waitForReady propertie to none and put the timeout value in miliseconds


@Rodrigo_Buch May I know why you are using Image exists. This would fail when the there is there is any application changes happens. Is the element exists not working ?

Hello, I’m not using Element Exists because it’s always true and this condition doesn’t happen every time in my “if”…


its an image exist propertie as well


put at least 2000 miliseconds, equals to 2 seconds and try again


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