Image Automation Issue


I am attaching an image and i like to get the Place button like place button is enable or disable. If enable i like to perform some action and if disable i like to perform some other action. how to get the enable or disable. This is image automation i am not getting any selector in this.


you can use computer vision activities


In Computer Vision which activity should i use. I tried Element Exit and we get Rectangle Type variable now how i validate this in if condition. If condition because if button disable then i need to perform some action and if enabled i need to do some other action.

Please gave me idea.

Hi @Puneet_Singh1 ,

Please check the below post that might help you;

Pavithran Manivannan

Thanks i check the port…I dont know what is happening in my case. See attached Image. In image you see my code and the app window. In app window place button is disabled but in code i am getting value as false and with false value in If condition it goes to Else part which is wrong. Button is disable so the value should be true but i am getting false.

Hi @Puneet_Singh1 ,

I request you to get the attribute of the button using a “Get Attribute” activity and use UiExplorer to fetch the selector upon your needs. Use an If activity and give the condition as text.exists($Get Attribute Output varialbe$)
For reference, visit the below link:

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