Ignore comma on first data in csv text

Hello UiPath Fam.

I have question

I have a CSV file with a data that has a coma on the first cell, is there any code or way to ignore the first comma?

Which I believe the seperator of CSV file is in comma, and if I open the file in txt file, the seperator is comma.

In my case how will I ignore the comma if the name of the data has an extension OF. , INC

For example

In my UiPath project I selected comma as seperator but in this case how will I ignore the comma on the name or a company name…

Thank you so much.

I really appreciate you guys


Can you share your file?
Basically we cannot identify the comma is part of company name or separator without some rule.
If company name always ends with INC. , we may be identify it, for example.



If the data that has comma is inside double quotes then it wpuld not be considered as separator…can you confirm the same

Else we can look at other ways to get the data…is it possible to send a ample csv file with some dummy data