If values are not matching then move to next record?

hi all
I am having 2 tables and i have to match the values
excample Table1 -----row A1= 10
Table 2 Column D=5, then i do calculation D=5*2 = 10
Like this i am having many rows and columns

NOTE: i have to match the row values with the columns … I am able to do it… already implemented…

But my main consern is where ever the values are not matching i should stop comparing and enter the "Column A cell " values to the list …

how to do this???


Is your requirement is like this:

If your condition is not met, go to the next record of the loop and proceed the process??

If so use CONTINUE activity within the condition inside the for loop.


I am not able to write the condition …
In If block , i am thinking what condition shal i write??
as ther eare many 10 rows in table 1
and 10 columns in table 2…

whwe ever the value is getting mismatch i have to put it in the List…

My point is how to write the consition???

For each Row in Datatable1
For each Item in Datatable2

  Row("Column Name").Equals(Item("Column Name"))
       "Your Process"
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