If Then Else Assistance?


I am using an MS Excel file of street addresses to search for information on other websites. In some cases, the address I have is invalid and the result on the web indicates as much with an “error” image.

I am trying to create an If/Then/Else where if the “error” image is present, do the following alternate flow. If the the “error” image is not present then continue down the happy path.

When I try to create this function is Studio, it’s asking for a VB statement. I am trying to have the bot look at the search result to see if the “error” image is present.

I’ve looked through documentation, queried google many times, and watched youtube videos, but haven’t seen what I’m trying to achieve here in a way that doesn’t require me to have deep VB dev skills.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




Use Element Exists activity and indicate that error screen. And it will give output as Boolean and you can pass Boolean value to IF activity. If it is true then it is exception scenario else it will be Happy path scenario.

Thank you so much!

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