Amateur need help with simple IF/Else problem - For Each Row search and get text

I have a data scraping based on a list in Excel, normally it’s a manual process for us to take the prices from our partner. This function works as long as all the part numbers in the list has a result, but the whole process fails if one of the part numbers doesn’t have a price yet.
In my head all i need is when the robot hits execute an IF function, if it goes to the next site find follow the process, if it doesn’t then go to next row in excel file.
How do i do this practically?

Try getting text(Get Text Activity) of execute button. otherwise check for other attributes of execute buttion like inner text, aaname in UiExplorer so that Get attribute activity can be used to capture the attribute value. Store the value in a variable and use if else with equality condition.

If for invalid record no button appears, then you can use element exist activity.

When it errors the text a small text comes up above the execute button with “Part not found” - but this only comes when it fails, can i use that? I already tried but it seemed to fail for me

yes you can use that

Hi Kumar.
I tried to do it with the IF/Else, could you take a look at my code, because i get the following error.
It gets in after the execute but then i think it tries to find the “part not found”, but since it’s already on the next website it can’t find it.
I made the new code like this;

Instead of using Get Text for part not found use Element Exist Activity.

Watch this tutorial it will help you

why dont you filter the details from the data table in the first place and add the flag to it. So all the records which has the price only will get it executed correct?

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