If For Each Activity contain a Excel Application Scope Activity? It maybe occur a Exception!

Hi guys
When a For Each Activity contain a Excel Application Scope Acitivty,It maybe occur a Exception!
The exception key words likes below.
but If I add a Delay Activity to delay 3secs ,It can running normal.
It’s may occur on few computer,not all.
Can any knows the reason? or How to avoid It, except add a Delay Activity.
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It’s probably because you try to launch (next) excel.exe although you haven’t completed process for closing excel.exe yet.

Another workaround might be to keep open excel.exe.For example, if we open an excel file (whatever will be good) before For Each and set variable to Workbook property of Excel Application Scope activity, excel.exe will be kept opened until Close Workbook activity after For Each.


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Hi @Yoichi
Yes,It is.
But I think It’s need uipath to reslove this problem,in For Each Activity,one line finished, anther one started.I found this problem a few hours. :joy: