If/Else Statement using CSV Data to be Passed to a Form

Hi Everyone

I have a set of CSV data that I would like to pass to an online form.

How do I write out my IF statement to recognize the difference between “Male/Female/Prefer Not To Say” under a Gender column.

I would like it to then click the corresponding radio button on my form.

It will work as follows.
"IF Gender row = ‘Male’ THEN click specified radio button.


@Jeavo Use as attached in screen shot


Hi @indra thanks for getting back to me.

How do I specify a set of variables within a particular column for it to be picked up in UiPath. In this case, Gender.

Do you just specify the whole column as my variable?

My flowchart so far is set up as follows:


@Jeavo you can use get row item activity so you can pass column name or index.

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If I was to use Get Row Item do I need to create a table for this Flowchart?
Or can I specify my column in a variable without having to create a table.

I’ve attempted to specify my column name but it doesn’t pick anything up due to the fact that I haven’t set it as a variable.


@Jeavo Can you attach your workflow

Flowchart.xaml (18.8 KB)

@Jeavo Can you attach your input csv file

Flowchart.zip (423.9 KB)

My bad, this is still quite new to me

@Jeavo After analyzing your workflow i came to know in the portal its clicking only for male so now you needs to click based on the Gender from excel column correct me if i am wrong.

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@indra Yeah that’s exactly right. I was just using it to click on Male to start with to make sure the whole workflow works correctly before I move onto the more complicated stuff.
My plan is to change it for each if statement to correspond to the correct Gender.

@Jeavo Please check attached file and let me know Flowchart.xaml (22.9 KB)


@indra BRILLIANT! Thank you so much for your help with this.

Just so I can learn a few things from what you’ve done…

Where you’ve written the Message Box and given the row a string, that just assigns one of your columns to a string which can be used later? So in your IF statement you’re saying: IF the row = Gender + Male then click male etc etc

Also, if it possible to hide the message box so it just collections the data without the need to ok the box.

Also, is there a standard need for a delay when using RPA or do you just use it on the fly? I see why you used it in this instance, as it attempted to refresh the page far too quickly.

Is there anything else I may have missed that I could learn from?

Thank you again, I really appreciate your time

@Jeavo Message box is used to just track the flow so you can remove the message box and you can remove delay activity also.

@indra Wow so setting conditions is actually more simpler than I had expected. Thank you

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