If else condition is not working

If else condition is not working only else part is print .Can anyone help me?

changed Checked in to

checked in

because you did BusinessExceptionMEssage.ToLower so you should check for all lower case

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Hi @prashant1603765 ,

You are converting the value to lower, but in the Contains() there are upper case characters, Hence it is only moving to the else part


It should be like below.

     "already in checked in state"

Thanks to all. Issue resolved.
@supermanPunch @jack.chan @lakshman


i have a variable named - int number=500
i want to check if number is greater than 650 but smaller than 800
or say between 650&800,
How can i do so? also i am getting this error please help

Try this conditions, it may helps you

650<number And number<800

Gokul Jai

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