Extract table data - against choosen value

how do I check my extracted values of a data table against the values I want to check?
like to check that the data table contains word hello inside one of the column’s

Hi @Pedram_Ziaei
you can loop thee data table values and can put if condition against that word if you know the in which column word will appear.

I have indicated the data I get from one site and have made a for each row in data table. but dont know what to have in condition in the if activity.
I want to check that table include like these two {“01. Person (S)”,"02. Person (S)}

Hi @Pedram_Ziaei ,

Try the following:

(From row in dt.AsEnumerable() Select Convert.Tostring(row("ColumnName")) ).tolist().contains("01. Person (S)")
This will give you true or false value depending on the value present.



Hi @Pedram_Ziaei ,

We should be able to leverage the same expression and check if any of the words present in the array is also present in the column using the below Expression :

{"01. Person (S)","02. Person (S)"}.Any(Function(x)CurrentRow("Your Column Name").ToString.Contains(x))

The above is based on the assumption that you are already using a For Each Row and an If Activity.

Let us know if this is not what was expected and maybe provide us with still more details as to what you want to perform.