How can i get the data from table and compare


Above is the image which is in form of table,Can anyone please help me to solve my issue.
case 1:In above table,status we have to consider as “n”
case 2:if status is “n”,then we need to select only “Notice,status (xxxx)” data in subject column…
Here my doubt is,how can i identify status as "n"and if status is "n"and how can I get the value of related subject column “Notice,status (xxxx)”.
Can anyone please help me in this regard,if anybody help,i will be so thankful for that…

Use for each row to read table row by row. inside for each row use if(row(“status”).tostring.equals(“n”)) then subject=row(“subject”).tostring

no bro,it is the table which i got from website,i cannot give for each loop,can u please suggest it?

How do you get the table from website ?

i got the table,which our company provided links of website…so any suggestions to do this bro?

How do you read this table in uipath ?

i to dont know this,that is main problem,i will be getting

Use Extract Structured Data to read the table then use for each row as i suggested earlier.

it is showing error that extract meta data was not supplied…can u tell me the procedure…it is first time iam doing…

Hi Karthick_Settu,

  • Thank you for your reply, Actually my scenario is I need to copy the value after “Notice,status xxxxxx” which has a status of “n”. I’m collecting these data from a website and the data is like of table. The website has a multiple pages, to go to next page I need to click on “Next” button and again to collect the data until the last page.

  • List item

Hi Saneeth,

you can try this approach.Main.xaml (7.0 KB)


or you can try this in one line.

dt1.Select(“status=‘n’ and subject like ‘Notice,status%’”).CopyToDataTable()


image "
How to Extract the Text “N” from Status Column and generate table…Iam successfully extracting data of "FROM"Column,but iam unable to extract data from Status column.

Copy the Status column data to another datatable like this.


Loop through resultant data table to extract text ‘N’ from status column Status.


no,actually i had given row.item(0)…but it is showing empty…if i give row.item(1)…i will be getting another column values as DEBRA A WARINO…every column iam getting output fine…but Status Column i didnt get it…

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