Image Exists Popup How to Handle?


Use Image Exists and indicate that pop up and it will give you output as Boolean value.

If it’s true then click Ok button to close it else continue other steps.


I have used there Image Exists but it is not working as you said. Tell me what to write in this if condition.


try using attach window and then use “Image exist” activity. use message box to check if UiPath can actually recognize this window as a whole, then go ahead with the exception handling part.

@Akshay_Adikane You just pass Image exists Boolean variable name in if condition by default it will be true so in the true part add the activity which you want

I did it as you said but the problem is if the image does not get it then it should be entered into the else that means false right.
but it is entered into the Then(means True) not else.
so please, tell me what should write into the if condition which is given me a better answer or I have to use other activities to pass the Image Popup.

@Akshay_Adikane Can you specify In the true part what you needs to enter in true and false part

that also i have done.

use parallel activity

Hi @Akshay_Adikane,
Sorry I am not getting you properly. Are you using that iamge exists ? if it’s not working you can change the accuracy from the property. If it is working and showing as TRUE then make the sequence for closing that popup. Use Send Hotkey (Alt + O) or (Enter).

Let me know if i didn’t understand properly or you have already tried this solution.


How to skip this image popup? by using Image exists with if condition.

Hi @ Akshay_Adikane,

Sorry but its true you have a popUp but thats not a image, thats text, and to skip it you just need to attach window.

Use text exist pointed to that text and inside the same attach broser if text exist click thet botton ok


use attach browser and use element existe and select the pop up if popup exist click ok

But you have no image there

Any one has done final Assignment.

Try Computer Vision Activity

Main.xaml (69.8 KB) please help me for If condition what to write.