If App State not found stop / exit process


I want my UiPath program to exit/stop process if the IF condition is true.

How do I do this this.

I tried the break process and the Terminate Workflow process and it gives me an error.

For break activitiy it should work within a loop only

For ur case enclose ur if condition with while loop with condition as True


The logic of ending here is meaningless. The normal execution of the program ends here. It’s wrong for you to add termination logic here. Used in a loop at termination


You can give condition in state transition. If condition is true, then you can place your transition in final state. Else go to next process state transition.

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Hi Lokiluo,

Noted noted and thank U for the advise.

I have done exactly that and now it works fine.

Thank U again and have a great weekend and stay safe !!!

Hi Vignesh Ks,

Thank U, thank U.

Noted and keep learning.

Have a great weekend !!!

Your team is “Awesome !!!”

Noted and thank U for pointing it out.

Have rewrote the program and now its working fine.