If anybody can help in: 1. Extracting all interface name with error count>0, I tried Data scraping but didn't get proper solution 2. How many interfaces hv errors greater than 0, that count?

if Data Scraping doesn’t work then try Screen Scraping with Native or Full Text. Then use Generate Data Table activity to convert String to DataTable.

One you get the DataTable use below in Assign activity to filter and get a list of Interfaces with more than 0 errors.

ListInterface = DTOriginal.AsEnumerable.Where(function(row) Convert.toInt32(row(“Error”).toString.Trim) > 0).Select(function(row) row(“Interface”).toString.trim).ToList

Use can get a comma seperated list of Interfaces using below -

strInterfaces = String.Join(",", listInterfaces.ToArray)

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sure, I am working on it.

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if you can help in converting this excel into table what u r seeing in image? that would be a lot help I’ve used data scraping here
Data.xlsx (10.1 KB)

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