If a value exists in a browser, then click on a hyperlink

I would like to know how to do this. If “Unknown Unknown” exits in the Assigned Attorney For Specific Case column, then click on the hyperlink in the Name column. In the screenshot below, I would want to click on “Change of Placement” and do activities in there. Then I can navigate back to this screen and would need to click on "Summons, Pre-Trial Hearing. I image I will need a loop for this but not sure how to set this up.

You should be able to create a selector that looks for aaname=‘Unknown Unknown’

I’m very new to this. Is there a tutorial somewhere that explains how a selector works?

I just found a course in Academy. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

Hi @bjelmer,

Run a loop, create a selector basis tablecol, table row and few other attributes that helps identify element , herein tableRow keeps incrementing per loop counter.

Get text from tableCol(i think it will be value 4), if it is unknown unknown, then click on selector with tablecol as 2 and tablerow and loop counter that defines which you are on currently.


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