How to handle a link

I have to handle below scenario, I tried with data scraping and many if and else but did not worked for me,

Suppose we have a web page where we have a table as mentioned below:

EMpName Client name


So the problem statement is emp name is same for muliple clients, In a web page I want to click but that employee name for which Robot is reading client name from an excel sheet.

FYI- abc, ABC1 XYZ,PQR are links it can be clicked-

Any thought how it can be cater?

try to operate with idx value (idx=0,1,2 --> represent ABC,ABC ABC…etc).
please make sure, you are not capturing text/title/name for the selector.

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Try Anchor Base as well with Anchor Position Right in this case and see if it works. I think this will have less selector manipulation than others.

Anchor - Find Element - Client Name (just aaname)

<webctrl tag='TABLE' />
<webctrl aaname='"+ClientName.trim+"' tag='TD' />

Actions : Click on EmpName (No Selector change needed)

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Hello @vvaidya,

I’m trying to add a variable to my aaname selector but it doesn’t work.

Can you help me?
“StringAEncontrar” is the name that I want to search.


Double check your TD selector. Click> Indicate on Screen > Select on any cell in the table. Then modify your selector to have aaname and add your variable to it. Your selector might be different compared to mine.