Check if aaname value available in a page

Hi Everyone,

I am passing a case id in a variable name called aaname to click on that particular case id but if the case id is in the next page how to make uipath to go to the next page and check for the selector given. Pls find the screen shots and it will be understandable.

use do while
Use element exists, based on output boolen variable,
use if activity with output variable, then navigate to next page using click activity (also take care of timeout property),
once you got element exist output variable true, use break activity to break loop.

Hi i used the same logic first but the element exists property gives true conditions even if the case id is in the next page

Adjust your selector make it more precise to the element, use UI explorer instead indicate on scree, try to add the parent tags as well.

@bala_subramanyam thank you. I am able to navigate to the next page now by adding the parent id of the aaname.