IE JavaScript Trigger Popup

Hello All,
I have an automation where i need to click a link in one column in a table of items. Clicking results in a popup window opening. I am looking to trigger the popup without actually clicking on the value that has the link. The reason is that after closing the popup the list of items refreshes and the list of results changes from prior to the popup.

Is there a way to trigger the javascript without an click activity? I could grab the values needed for the javascript from the entire list and then trigger each one individually.

I’ve tried to navigate to the javascript function with no luck and i was not able to get the inject js activity working either.


From your explanation it seems, even if you do it with JavaScript you will end up refreshing the list.
Does your link in the list have a specific URL? If it has, extract the URLs from the list and navigate to them in a separate tab or window.

I’m capturing all the details first before trying the javascript so i wouldn’t worry about the refresh if i can initiate the javascript after using the href tag.

Thanks for the response. Yes, i’m capturing the URL from the href tag, however it is a javascript function (ex. getTransactionTypeStatusView(linkedParams,title,width,height)) and navigate does not work. The href tag has all the parameters…