Click all links in a table when links execute a javascript:doPostBack(...)

I have a web page that contains a table with multiple columns (e.g. a link, an account number, etc.). I need to click on each link in the table and perform additional process from there. However, the link isn’t a typical url. They perform a javascript postback. They look like this: javascript:__doPostBack(‘ctl00$Main$lvMyAccount$ctrl0$lnkSelect’,’’). So I don’t believe I can use a ‘navigate to’ function.

How do I automate clicking on each of these links?

Navigate To activity will not work here I guess. You may try Inject JS activity. In the Script Code property, just enter the value without “javascript:”

For example if the url content is “javascript:doFunction(‘param’)” then put “doFunction(‘param’)” as a value in the Script Code property.