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Hi All,

I am trying to

enter user name using type into activity but I am getting an error as in the attachment please do needful, I tried to change the internet setting even after I am getting the same error.

use the type into activity for entering text into the text field. From the screenshot we do see that Set Text/Set Value activity was used instead

I tried using Type into activity even after I am getting the same error.

then check the selector and ensure that the element is ready for interaction

Hi @HeartCatcher ,

Create assign UserName=“TBOT8”
Then use Type into,Click or select item activity
TypeInto Activity

  1. use Anchor base then select Find element click on username field
    2.Then indicate the cursor on username field by taking TypeInto activity
    3.Then call the UserName variable inside the Typeinto activity

if you get any error please let me know


I am getting as above I replaced id with wildcard * but getting the same error

Do you wants to type dynamically or fixed text?

For now its static, in future while moving into production then it will be dynamic

the error comes form when UiPath assumes that the element is not longer valid / interactivable. Give a try on playing with the timeout parameter (eg. set it to 10000 - 10 seconds) and the WaitForReady levels

Maybe you can enhance the selector e.g. by adding additonal attributes like the element name

Thanks for the information.

Inside the selector in place of id=‘*’

please try this.


Thanks for your reply but it is not working.

I tried getting same error

please can you share me the website that i can send you the workflow


I think it is restricted you cant access it please check once

Thanks i’ll get back to you once completed.


Just take your time and stabilize the selector carefully before. Keep in mind that the purpose of the selector is to indentify one element only and reliable. So generalizations on index etc. will reduce the uniqness.

As a parallel RnD create also a second test cxaml and check if the field can be populated when another Browser is used. Just do this for root cause analysis

Hello @HeartCatcher,

Please, could you share your workflow?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Using the given url and credential I need to login to the portal

Hi! website is not loading