"idx" value of the Website is changing randomly and couldn't find out the pattern and also the selectors to be used to fetch the target

Hello everyone,
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I would like to inform you that I am facing an error while fetching the subtitles from a video. My target is to fetch the subtitles by uploading the video to the website https://www.veed.io/ and populating them into an excel sheet!

I successfully automated the process to the point where I am supposed to fetch the subtitles. I am facing difficulty in scraping the subtitles as the “idx” value of the subtitle keeps on changing when I scroll down and also I am not able to find out the pattern in which the “idx” values are being generated.
I experimented with quite some selectors to fetch the data and was not successful.

It is really appreciated if one of you is kind enough to explain the solution and help me out.

I am attaching the screenshots for your reference,

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Follow the steps

  1. You are not supposed to use the idx in selectors because its keep on changing
    and robot will not be able identify the correct element on the screen.
  2. Remove the css-selector.
  3. Add “innertext” property.
  4. If you want your “innertext” property should be dynamic, Use innertext=‘*’
  5. Use UI Explorer → Indicate Element → Try to get the realible selector.
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Hello @Karuna,

First of all, I really appreciate your effort in answering my query.
I would like to inform you that I will not be able to fetch each subtitle if I don’t use “idx” as a reference.
Could you please guide me further with the requirements I have mentioned above.

Thanks in advance.

Try some workarounds

  1. Use Get Attribute" activity —> Retrives the value of a specified attribute of UI element —> Specify, Attribute = Innertext
  2. Use “Anchore Base” activity —> This should be used when reliable selector is not availble.
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