Identifying a button in random web page


I have a button in web page, which opens another web page in another tab in the same window. In that newly opened tab I have to click on another button. How can i achieve this task. The challenge for me is, every time the button is click on the first web page, it opens a different web site.


  1. I have “Next” button in
  2. When the Next button is clicked in, it opens a random web site
  3. In this randomly opened web page I have to click FINISH button

Any suggestion?

To ensure your robot works as intended it is important you identify these buttons in the best way possible.

The concept to make this work should be quite easy. It really depends how the website is built though. From what I can tell it should suffice to use the Click activity to click the first button. Again here it is important how you target this button.

Now when you arrive on the new page, simply click the Finish button. Also here it is very important you use the right selector to find the “Finish” button.

Play around with the selectors and keep improving them. If you’re struggling let us know.

Good luck.

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@OpalSnow makes some great points.

Just to add on, make sure you’re using as few (reliable) selectors as possible and replacing any dynamic portions of selectors (titles, URLs, randomized IDs, etc.) with wildcards.

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Hi, @OpalSnow and @chenderson the challenge for me is, in the newly opened site the FINISH button can be anywhere. How to click in this situation?